Who is interested in learning about Bullfighting with objective bases, sources, bibliography... From the voices of experts and authorities in their area inside and outside the bullfighting world.

Find here information and bullfighting content from science, reason and evidence. This is Bullfighting Cultural Networks.

A new way of explaining and sharing bullfighting.
Bullfighting is still in force, what has lost relevance are the traditional ways of explaining and sharing it. The bullfighting community is reinventing itself and reforming. Bullfighting is a legal, regulated and regulated activity of which more is often known than is known.

To be able to talk about elleas, a common language is necessary to serve as a bridge between bullfighting and today's society. We propose here to carefully attend to the meaning and use of words and thus be able to understand each other.

In Bullfighting Cultural Networks we are committed to an active, organized, plural, binding defense between the different sectors of the bullfighting world. Bullfighting Cultural Networks is a meeting point. Our goal is to link you with the different bullfighting groups around the world.

We understand that it is not to everyone's taste and that it does not have to be. In Bullfighting Cultural Networks we ask for respect and objective questioning. In exchange, we also offer objective and verifiable information.

Let us remember that defense is the natural mechanism by which an organism protects itself from external aggressions, which in many cases come from misinformation and a rejection of what is different. We bullfighting are a minority, but we are not few. We are members of our communities and we do not ask for a different treatment, a special language to refer to us, we are not a group that seeks separation or preferential treatment, nor do we seek to impose Bullfighting on anyone.

This is just beginning!




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